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TLW Rulebook
Revised 9/2/2016

Chapter 1: Superstars
1:  This is a Create a Wrestler (henceforth known as CAW) League.  Therefore, the only superstars that will be allowed are original CAWs.
2:  Each superstar may not have an overall greater than 105.
3:  Each superstar's stats must be between 60 and 90.
4:  Each superstar may claim 1 finisher and 1 signature.
5:  Claimed finishers and signatures may not be regular moves.
6:  If a superstar claims a move, they claim all versions of the move, as long as they share the same name and movement.
7:  Superstars may not have any WWE superstar's finishers or signatures on their regular move set, unless the move is used regularly by a majority of superstars.
8:  Superkicks, Clotheslines, and the original piledriver may be claimed, however, they may not be exclusive.  Special variations of these moves may be claimed and are exclusive (Tombstone, Sweet Chin Music, etc.)
9: Superstars may change their finishers, signatures, or theme songs.  However, if a superstar changes their finishers, signatures or theme songs 3 times over a month, the gamertag will be locked for 30 days.
10:  Superstars are not allowed to use another superstar's finisher or signature.
11:  Chapter 1, Rule 10 is ignored if the opponent has move thief, or if they receive permission from the original owner AND either KG Eclipse100 or oxShEnAnIgAnSxo.
12:  The Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3 (and all future iterations of it) and the F-5 have officially been retired.  This means that they may not appear anywhere on the superstar's moveset.
13:  A superstar must achieve legendary status to retire a move.
14:  A superstar may use a retired move if the original owner gives them permission to do so.  Proof of consent is required.
15:  Each superstars may also claim a theme song.  This song may not be a song used by WWE/TNA/ROH/etc.

Chapter 2: Matches
1:  There is to be no cheating in TLW.  This includes (but is not limited to) glitching, glitch pins, hacking, or using outside interference (turbo controllers, controller handoffs, etc.)
2:  Lag is not an excuse for the result of the match.
3:  There will be no milking matches in TLW.  Don't waste the leader's time if you do not want to take this seriously.
4:  All TLW matches will have a 5 second count out, started when 1 reversal bar has been filled, and will be counted by the commentators.  You may only fill 1 reversal bar once.
5: superstars may only voluntarily leave the ring 3 times.
6:  Spamming a move 10 times overall or 5 in a row in a match will lead to a DQ.
7:  A superstar may only drag his opponent(s) for no more than 2 seconds.
8:  A superstar may only taunt 3 times during the match.  Comeback and Wake Up Taunts do not count towards the 3 taunts.
9:  A victory can only be attained by either hitting a finisher, or a roll-up.  If it is a submission finisher, the superstar is allowed to try to make their opponent tap out.
10:  OMG moments are not considered finishers, unless it is either a catch finisher, or a table finisher.
11:  A superstar may not use a finisher or signature immediately after picking them up.
12:  A superstar may not use comeback or ring escape to no sell a finisher or signature.
13:  A superstar that has move thief may only use it once.
14:  If a superstar has been hit by 3 finishers, they must take the loss.  This will be known as the "Endgame Rule".  During pay-per-views, the number of finishers taken to activate the Endgame Rule will increase to 4 finishers.
15:  Chapter 2, Rule 14 will be ignored at Moment of Glory.
16:  In tag team matches, superstars may only break up a pinfall or submission once per competitor.
17:  Superstars may not break up a finisher or signature.
18:  When a match is going on, all mics must be muted or unplugged.  The only people who may have their mics on are the commentators.
19:  Commentators should talk about the match or any storylines which the superstars in the match are involved.  Other things may be discussed, as long as it is not a rant.
20.  Commentators are not allowed to attack other superstars, unless the superstars have intentionally attacked them.
21. Injuries is a body part is purple or gray and with another 2 red body part your superstar will be announced as injured and will be out of action.
22. If a superstar is booked in a match the GT must use thats Superstar unless you have the OK to switch by the Owner.
Chapter 3: Championships
1:  There are 5 championships in TLW.
2:  The TLW Championship is the highest championship on Friday Night Fear.
3:  The TLW International Championship is the mid card championship on Friday Night Fear.
4:  The TLW Thunder Championship is the highest championship on Thursday Night Thunder.
5:  The TLW Hardcore Championship is the mid card championship on Thursday Night Thunder.
6:  The TLW Light Heavyweight Championship is the only championship on Wednesday Cruiserweight Show.
7:  All 5 championships must be defended once a month.
8:  Championships may only change hands by pinfall or submission, unless the match stipulation says otherwise.
9:  Before all championship matches, an announcer will come into the ring to do pre-match introductions.
10:  Once the pre-match introductions are done, the match will not start until the announcer has safely left the ring and the bell is rung.

Chapter 4:  Penalties
1:  Anytime a superstar breaks a rule, a penalty will be given.  These penalties can range from disqualifications to suspensions to termination.
2:  The penalty for unplanned absences from shows is a 3 strike policy.
First offense= Written Warning from the TLW Owners.
Second offense= 2 week suspension
Third offense= Termination
3:  The penalty for breaking Chapter 2, Rule 1 will result in automatic termination.
4:  The penalty for breaking any other match rules is a disqualification.
5:  The penalty for harassing other superstars and disrespecting authority could result in a 2 1/2 week suspension.  Continued violations will result in an authority hearing.
6:  When handing out penalties, the TLW Owners will consult the rulebook.  While the TLW Owners may alter penalties, the rulebook states the minimum penalties.

Chapter 5:  Promos
1:  Promos must be cut during TLW television, unless a match is going on.
2:  There will be a limit of 2 promos per gamertag per show.
3:  When cutting a promo, superstars must stay in character.  This also means that superstars must refer to others by their superstar's name, not gamertag during promos.
4:  Promos are meant to create and maintain storylines.  Therefore, superstars may only be involved in 1 per superstar at all times.
5:  Superstars may mention other leagues as long as it is important to the story line.
6:  If superstars wish to come up with a catch phrase, it must not have been made famous in WWE/TNA/ROH/etc.
7:  Superstars cannot steal another superstar's catch phrase, except for storyline purposes.

Chapter 6:  Cruiserweights
1:  Cruiserweights may not be taller than 6' 2".
2:  Cruiserweights must not be more than 40 buff and 30 fat.
3:  The weight class of cruiserweights must be either cruiserweight or light heavyweight.

Chapter 7:  Executive Powers
1:  The TLW Owners may edit the rulebook at any time.
2:  The TLW Owners have the right to call an authority hearing for any reasons or superstar as they deem necessary.
3:  The TLW Owners have the right to call a wellness check for any superstar.

Chapter 8:  General Information
1:  Respect is to be shown by all superstars inside and outside the ring.
2:  Everybody is able to use 2 superstars in TLW.
3:  Shows take place every Thursday and Friday at 9:00pm EST.
4:  If superstars know if they cannot make it to shows, they must let the respective show owner know.
5:  KG Eclipse100 is the owner of TLW Thursday Night Thunder.  oxShEnAnIgAnSxo is the owner of TLW Friday Night Fear.
6:  Have fun and welcome to True Legends Wrestling.

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